Winx club fanfiction oc x flora. Peace out!Flora. Apr 01, 2022 · Flora/OC; Flora (Winx Club) OCs; OC - Character; fluff mostly; Slight Smut; takes place somewhere during Season 3; Non-Explicit Sex; Non-Explicit Smut; Characters are about 17 here. Or so they thought. Flora Believix Winx DaisyHarvey 40 8 Flora Believix. Winx Club is an animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon, which are both part of ViacomCBS. Flora is de beschermfee van de natuur. Being so similar in their passive natures allowed for them to become close, especially thanks to Helia's encouragement boosting Flora's low self-confidence . Winx Magic E-Card EN. Elsewhere, Icy is trying to bring back life to Dyamond, but it won't be easy. So yeah; Summary. Posts. Keep Fanfictions PG or PG-13. The series follows a girl named Bloom on her journey to become a fairy, explore her past, and save the magic dimension from various threats! At the fairy school Alfea, she will meet new friends and form . Past Bloom/Sky (Winx Club) Past Stella/Brandon (Winx Club) Past Flora/Helia (Winx Club) Summary. The girls of Winx Club are now adults and with children. This is the fan Group dedicated to the show Winx Club. Winx Love & Pet. Well, meet Bloom's twin sister, Bella. Cartoons » Winx Club Rated: M, English, Friendship & Parody, Flora, Words: 45k+, Favs: 42, Follows: 34, Published: 1/24/2018 Updated: 2/24/2019} 64 Chapter 1 This is my first Winx club fanfiction attempt as well as my first ever post on this site. Have te ever had crush on any Villain from Winx Club . 89%. This is a fight between these two fairy. ) Flora stood back up and took a deep breath. The team relies on her for potions and advice. Sep 17, 2012 · Friends:all of The Winx Club Best friend:Bloom(Aviva knew Bloom since pre-k) Enemies:The Winx club enemies Pixie:Mia Pet:Daisy(kitty) Birth family:Queen Hana(mother),King Tyran(Father),Jazmine(oldee sister like Daphne is a spirit) Adoptive family:Carol(adoptive mom) Alex(adoptive dad) Specialist boyfriend:Blaze Triple crossover. Bloom is a normal 16-year-old from earth who discovers she has magical abilities when she meets a girl known as Stella of Solaria. Faragonda something's going on outside. When the Winx & Speacialists along with Krystal with some of the Winx with kids, they have come to visit for Roxy & Andy's Wedding,until one thing stops them in there tracks a billboard of the one and only ROCKSTAR FLORA! Oct 20, 2021 · It's been a rare, quiet moment for the Winx and the witches, a lull in the battles they've been facing. What Christmas object are you? Test. After she is brought to the school nurse, Layla tells the Winx that several Pixies, small flying fairy . She is voiced by . 163,565 Pageviews. Winx Dress Up EN. " Flora and Helia are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club. p. K+, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 3, words: 19k+, favs: 21, follows: 29, updated: 2/23/2020 published: 9/20/2018, [Stella, Brandon] [Winx Club, Specialists] 2 I Want to Do It All with You by DarkPoisonousLove After a day they spent with Brandon's cousin, Stella is quite exhausted and is ready to abandon the world in favor of snuggling . they eventually stumbled upon and save a fairy named Stella from an ogre. The Winx Club's wings are very plain and the clothing only consists of mini skirts or shorts with tops or dresses. Thanks to the defeat of Acheron, Selina manages to get her powers back. The specialists come in and still with the brandon and sky swap. I know some things won't make sense, and it takes place from my OC's perspective, and everyone else's is in Italics. 83%. Shortly after reuniting with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. winxclub. This community is for stories (multi-chapter and one-shot) that put the side characters of Winx Club in center stage. 09. Birthday: Don´t know. Com images are copyrighted and may not be copied / modified in any way. Sep 17, 2012 · Hey! my name is Beatriz and literally started today on Fanpop, I love drawing winx so here is mine: Name: Anabella. The mansion she was staying at was a place so she can get away from the palace life. Series created by Iginio Straffi - www. The season begins with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna returning from their summer vacation to begin their second year at Alfea. It was created by Iginio Straffi. My OC's name is Drake, and I hope you enjoy… Winx Club: The Last of Their Kind. Summary. ( KasumiKills) Worship Musa. After having mercilessly slaughtered the young boy who had ended the lives of Lucero and Leonardo, in addition to burning him alive and locking him in a box of rocks so that the ruthless man could not escape his cruel fate, Riven continued walking in order to get away from the place where he punished the murderer, while Riven . Nothing Sexual, and not too much Gore (Like rated R gore. Feb 20, 2022 · Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. 1. 11%. ) Jul 08, 2018 · Complete. Baby Winx Adventure. There Flora comes out in black and neon green bra type of top and with all black skin tight tights and black boot she looked so hot I thought drool was gonna come out and . •in spop and arcane hell rn so winx stuff is taking a backseat. For example: Diaspro, Nova, Chimera, Mirta, Roxy, Lucy, Kristal, Galatea, Bishop, Daphne etc. Age: Don´t know exactly, but like 17. PG gore like in anime like Bleach or Hunter X Hunter) No negativity, including calling other people's OCs "Mary Sues". Eyes: Hazel. Winx Club TM © 2003-2022 Rainbow Srl. Although she receives a small role in the first season, she has a larger storyline in the second season and later becomes one of the characters who appear the most on Winx Club paraphernalia, besides Stella and Bloom. Have te ever thought about any Winx that they shouldn't be Protagonist in the Series? 5. Flora is one of the main protagonists of Winx Club and it's spin off World of Winx. Some days really suck. Planet: Don´t know. Bloom with that betrayed narration with a side serving of falling in love with all the winx. Winx Avatar. So this deals with characters from part 2 of the fanfics. Power: Dreams. To finally rule the world, they need a power that was lost long ago. She especially hated all the arranged marriages her parents force her into. The Winx Club, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha meet a new fairy from a faraway realm who is in search of her father. bangs table more ocs, more ocs diane! fairy of the moon and stars :star: 🌙 good ol didi is the second ? member of my lil fairy group! technically the was created third, but i digress. Its characters were created and designed by comic artist Iginio Straffi. She brings new adventures to the six but. Jun 19, 2004 · Winx Club: Created by Iginio Straffi. May 29, 2020 · Winx Club | Fanfiction Fantasy Life Magic. •spiral with me pls. Flora is shown to be a very sweet, shy, genuine, calming person who loves plants and vegetation of all . This site is property of 21 x 20 Media All Writing. She has no dreams, no hopes for the future. 1 / 10. Daphne flees for Earth, her sister in her arms, where they'll remain forever, safe from the war (Daphne cannot return to her failure). com! Join Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Aisha for cool dress up games, makeup games, doll maker games, puzzle games, coloring games and more. It was created by Iginio Straffi, who based the show on a pilot episode he wrote in 1999 called "Magic Bloom". 23. 17%. The six girls of Winx Club are now hopeless adults who want to finish university studies and live their lives. 04. : Flora's Magic Winx :. Fairy of geo/earth - okay, so it's similar to Flora's powers, but hers are mostly plant-based even though she's the fairy of nature. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Triple crossover. Griselda says, "Your just asking for detention with this trick. With Molly C. Ashlyn, Courtney, Hadley, Isla, and Fallon. Game. The story follows Bloom and her friends Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Aisha, and . Jul 25, 2018 · Coraly chercha un endroit où s'asseoir, en attendant que toutes les autres élèves soient passés à l'appel, elle remarqua des marches, non loin d'un gros pot de fleurs, mais lorsqu'elle se dirigea vers cela, elle voyait que la jeune fille aux cheveux roses avait déjà pris sa place, mais qu'avec les feuillages du pot, elle ne l'avait pas vu, ne voulait pas déranger cette nouvelle fée . Friends:all of The Winx Club Best friend:Bloom(Aviva knew Bloom since pre-k) Enemies:The Winx club enemies Pixie:Mia Pet:Daisy(kitty) Birth family:Queen Hana(mother),King Tyran(Father),Jazmine(oldee sister like Daphne is a spirit) Adoptive family:Carol(adoptive mom) Alex(adoptive dad) Specialist boyfriend:Blaze Bloom enjoying her new found power. 10. Which of these six girls in the Winx Club is your favorite? The fans pick: Flora (Fairy of Nature) Merchandise. and the beginning-of-year party, a fairy girl named Layla walks into the school and faints. Oct 20, 2021 · It's been a rare, quiet moment for the Winx and the witches, a lull in the battles they've been facing. The tan skinned fairy just slowly turned and let the water ease much of the tension out of her, she heard the other Winx girls taking their showers, quickly finishing and dressing so they could head to their next class "Flora, are you coming?" Musa yelled. Ze is ook een lid van de Winx en een voormalige student van Alfea. She was the third Winx girl introduced, after Bloom and Stella. It follows the adventures of a few fairies who use magic to protect the Realm of Magix from evil. Release year: 2015. Faragonda's office and said, "Ms. . She never liked going to the balls and having to always speak formally. Kanroji Y/n, the little sister of Kanroji Mitsuri. She was the fifth Winx girl introduced, after Bloom, Stella, Flora and Tecna. Mar 04, 2018 · Summary. Fanfiction. •header made by @winx-canons. Hair: Red, wavy and long. spiraling about Girls. We want to keep it a positive environment, and If it is someone's first time making a Winx OC for fun, do NOT call it a Mary Sue. But when one summer day she and her friend Bloom run into a fairy named Stella, they learn that there is much more to themselves than they thought, and end up . Which Winx are you? Test. Winx Club is an italian animated show created by Iginio Straffi and produced by the company Rainbow S. Complete, First published Dec 06, 2015. Bloom. Winx Magic Memory EN. (And honestly, if you asked Valkyrie, Flora deserved the realms, but hopefully would make do with what Valkyrie's got. Add interesting content . The Winx Club Club Join New Post. Triple crossover. I do not own Winx Club in any way, shape or form. All Rights Reserved. Bloom könnte wohl nicht glücklicher sein. Language: Flora is the Guardian Fairy of Nature from Linphea and one of the founding members of the Winx Club and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. She is in love with Helia. And as a result, she enrolls into Alfea, school of fairies with both Stella and her childhood friend Zorana, who has some secrets of her own. She and Bloom lived on Earth as normal human beings when Venjix took over. Charmix Musa is the Guardian Fairy of Music from Melody. 2021. Flora always was a different person at the Palace. Flora has a condition that allows her to take strength from both sides of the magical spectrum . If you have any suggestions for this community, please let the founder know. The fans pick: Bloom. She is Helia's love interest. Flora Official outfit. A, it was first released back in 2004. 089. The fans pick: Skyla fairy of the lightning. Power Rangers RPM/Winx Club/Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It will be up to her to lock the Legendarium once and for all. The Winx's shoes are often some type of boots or heels. Musa loves music, dancing, singing and playing all instruments, but her favorite instrument is the concert flute, the first instrument she ever learned to play. "Just a few more minutes, I sweated a lot out there, I'll meet you in class!" Wait Flora Blake Riven's sister this will be a show to remember I look at Nabu who looks at me wide eyed as well I turn my attention back to the stage and have a goofy smile. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 1,592 Members. After a long and hard battle, the Winx and Specialists finally defeated the evil Wizards of the Black Circle. " The cranky lady nearby, Ms. 23m. Quinn, Keke Palmer, Amy Gross, Morgan Decker. If you're a fan of the Winx fairies, or the Cloud Tower witches, or even the Red Fountain heroes, then this Group is for you!! Just click on "Join Our Group" at the top of the page to join. Status: Don´t know. She joins the demon slayer corps at the same time Tanjiro does. Winx Club is an animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and later Nickelodeon. ( KasumiKills) The Incredibly Growing Vanessa. After her parents mysteriously disappear and are presumed dead, sixteen year old Lynn is broken. Winx is also the most simple forms, with simple color schemes. Flora and Bloom cosplay meivix 47 4 I Ship Bloom X Flora darknessawakens13 12 1 Winx pafuchu 7 0 Winx SixofClovers 66 13 (EQG+Winx Club) Bloom and Flora PrismaGalaxy514 75 10 Sunset jazzykurl 11 0 Flora and Bloom DaisyHarvey 101 14 Bloom et Flora Yin et Yang Auro0109 95 21 Bloom et Flora en nuisette Auro0109 39 2 Bloom et Flora . Ihre leiblichen Eltern wurden befreit und ihre Schwester Daphne ist wieder aus Fleisch und Blut. ( Colonel-Gabbo) Worship Tecna. What will your ideal Halloween costume be? Test. The main fairies in their 3D designs, clockwise from top right: Tecna, Flora, Stella, Bloom, Aisha, and Musa. Basically a rewrite from s4 and later. Ze was het derde Winx-meisje dat in de serie geïntroduceerd werd, na Bloom en Stella. Have te ever had crush on any Winx Club character? 2. The main character is a fairy warrior named Bloom, who enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. 2022. Jan 03, 2005 · Winx Club - The Secret of the Lost Princess by HynotisisAnimeReader reviews Set after Season 8, the Shaman Witch has taken over Alfea with the help of the Creatures of the Darkness Dimension - the Winx must earn Elementix in order to stop her. T, English, Friendship & Adventure, chapters: 10, words: 18k+, favs: 27, follows: 38, updated: 2/24 published: 5/10/2018, Bloom, Winx Club, Specialists, OC 5 The Misfix Club » by princess serenity0822 A brave fairy named Freya goes to Alfea with her two new sisters to become a full fairy and get stronger so she can save her kingdom. It's been a rare, quiet moment for the Winx and the witches, a lull in the battles they've been facing. Tests. With both Flora and Helia being the most mature of their respective groups, it was only natural that the two became the most mature couple out of the ones formed by their friends. From zero LinaLee772 33 3 Winx Club Gold Believex Flora! Triple crossover. Which is lucky for one witch, as it allows her to celebrate the two years she's been with Flora. Jan 04, 2013 · Famous When Helia breaks up with Flora for Krystal, she's broken and leaves to 's been 9 years since that day. com 1. Bloom x Flora. I’m back with more original winx club merchandise!!! unbelievably, I found the winx clothes I wore when I was ~7 years old and I’m excited to share these photos with you! the skirts are actually SKORTS!! I should have known I liked girls when I was 7 yrs old walking around with a LOVE flora shirt. Have te ever felt about any character o sidekick that they should be protagonists? 4. With the Fairy Animals under threat, the Winx must travel throughout the Magic Universe to save them to maintain balance in the world. Play Winx Club Games online at DressUpWho. You can have someone who has the powers of geo instead, like rocks, mountains, land, plates, etc. She is the Fairy of Nature. 12. 4. You can keep track of these girls along with Daisy and the Winx i. She is one of the founding members of the Winx Club and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. 1,427 Watchers. Ze ondersteund haar teamgenoten vaak met toverdranken en advies. Who is your favourite pet from The Winx Club series? 3. Photo of winx enchantix bloom stella flora the winx club 6730592 for fans of The Winx Club 40378208. i think i created her because i was kinda peeved how aisha was the darkest person on the show, and while ye. ( WhiteStormClouds) Flora's Hips. Hey, everyone, it's me flora bloom again with another blog about my OC characters. CaramelPotions 145 53 Flora's Fariy Evolution AstralBlu 209 38 Flora IcyDelleTrix 70 15 Flora Magic Winx XxutauxX 15 3 Flora transform Musa106 38 9 Winx Club-Flora Magic Winx Eddy7454 2 6. Accessories are minimal, with only a few things, eg: Bloom's is a tiara and Stella's is a headband. All other brand names & trademarks are owned by their respective companies. Musa . In history class, we're learning about the Elven people's involvement in the early days. Darkar OC (Own Character) Palladium Spezialisten Verbindung des Lichts Winx Club. Test. 04. However I do own my OC and his gear (not the concepts behind said gear) At the Alfea school for fairies, Bloom rushes into Ms. Winx Club is an animated television series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon (both part of Viacom). The show is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures. Chapter 1: Bad Days. The Winx have a mission in hand, reaching their final fairy stage.

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